Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trad in the New

Something good always happens when I visit Lou in West Virginia. This time it was two long days of climbing. I opted to belay since I'm still uneasy about some frostbite from a January trip to New Hampshire, but was able to rap in at times for a few images. Trips like this, where I am simply present to be in good company remind me why I love moving around and traveling just for traveling's sake. It's some strange ebb of comfort that you can float on when you're not in a specific place for a specific purpose. This winter has been particularly damning to my intuition to get out and move around, so a lot of planning has been taking place. This article by David Dobbs called Restless Genes was pretty inspiring and should be read by all.

Outside Magazine, Exposure

I was very honored to learn that an image I made at Bridge Day in West Virginia was picked up by the kind folks at Outside Magazine and ran in the April 2013 issue. Very cool feeling.